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  • Chronicles of Eidola is a completely new turn-based RPG game. Set in a magic world, you play as an avenger who must work with servants, heroes and devils to achieve your goals! You can team up with other players to challenge nearly impossible quests, or face deadly Boss'. You may even need to confront other players and disrupt their plans. Welcome to a new world!

    Game Feature

    The game, Chronicles of Eidola, utilizes the new flash stage 3D engine, which enables the 3D graphics to perform on any browser. This new engine marks a revolution in the evolution of browser games. With incredible CG and epic battle display, this will be a gaming experience unlike any you've had before.

    Players will have to utilize all of their ingenuity to survive, as each battle is unpredictable and dynamic. With various types of Eidolon, and a fluid fighting system, the gameplay enables the player to make the game their own as they create their own style of play. It may be intuitive to learn, but mastering the game will require all of the player's skill.

    No matter what you are comparing, be it graphics or core gameplay, Chronicles of Eidola has no competition. A new gaming experience has arrived.

  • Guild Battle

    In this new world, you don’t need fight alone. You can invite your friends to your adventuring, fight with evil monsters.

    The new content and mechanics of the fights will give you a complete different experience, that we want bring to you!

    The team leader can change the position flexibly and make sure each team mate can aim at the right rival, when they beat the rival, they also can help you to rush the last Boss!


    Want to know your limitation? Come and challenge the Gauntlet,

    In Gauntlet, you will challenge different enemies and will not get recover, so the healing eidola is very important!

    The rewards will be refresh every day, so it is a big treasure for all players, don’t miss it!

  • Rat Race

    Don’t like PVP, or PVE? That’s okay, in this game, we have a lot of PVF function, Rat Race is one of these

    Different eidolon has different skill which can make unexpected effect in each match.

    Orb Breaker

    It is a very popular game in this game world, simply to play, easy to win! You will love it. LoL

    More fun functions, find by yourself in the new game world!

  • Arena

    In the Arena, you can earn the Medal of Honor to exchange a lot of items in the shop.

    The Top player can get luxury rewards every day as below

    Each player can challenge 15 times each day and also you can use diamonds to buy more attempts. The Higher position you got, the more rewards you win! Fight for honor!


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